Solar energy and solar water heating systems are eligble for credit of 30%
of the cost of your residential system.

(Provided as reference only, please see your qualified tax advisor for details.)




(See more photos of solar engery and water heating systems installed by Building Energy Services of Orlando)

Building Energy Services of Orlando has a proud history in the solar energy arena. A history including thousands of solar powered hot water systems designed and installed in the early 1980’s, to the award winning “Solar Energy Today” project in downtown Orlando. This home as featured in the Orlando Sentinel and the 30 min. Documentary presented by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

Professionally providing systems for your residential or commercial solar energy project including:  Water heating, pool heating and Photovoltaic (electrical generation). All systems qualify for federal and some local and state tax credit and rebates!

Below are details explained the features and benefits of our solar systems. Please take a moment to see for yourself the amazing cost savings for your home or business today!


Building Energy Consultants Photovoltaic solar power, energy and heating technology can harness the sun to reduce or eliminate your electrical bills while increasing your property's equity by more than the cost of the system.

From manufactured specialty modules to prepackaged units to site installed system. Building Energy meets your power needs using photovoltaic (PV) technology.

Our solar electric systems supply reliable power where and when you need it. We design our products and systems for maximum efficiency and minimum on-site construction time and operation

In addition to the site evaluation and financial analysis, we handle all of the engineering and design needed to ensure that your system will meet building code requirements and utility interconnection rules and regulations
We work with the manufacturers of the products we proudly sell and install to ensure that what we're designing meets your need for safe and reliable power production, while satisfying the manufacturer's need for a proper, quality installation that they will warranty for the entire period they promise for their part of the overall system.

Building Energy has become a leading provider of these turn key solar electric solutions for homes and businesses. We serve all of Florida. 


The most widely utilized solar energy technology today, direct heating of water in homes is by far the best dollar for dollar investment in solar. This technology has had many years to advance and has become an efficient and cost effective way to manage energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Many solar energy systems across Florida that were installed in the first “solar rush” in the late 70’s and are still working great! The return on the 4 to 6 thousand dollar investment is often anywhere from three to five times, 15 to 25 thousand dollars…. generated by your own personal power plant!

Hot water heating is a simple process. Using a special foam insulated storage tank, a small circulation pump moves the coldest water in the bottom of the tank into insulated piping systems to the roof panels, heating and returning the heated water to the storage tank. On of the many advantages to the B.E.C. System is the solar electric roof collector that collects solar energy (24v) and drives the circulation pump in perfect unison and eliminating the need for any electrical energy from your power company.


Solar pool heating systems in Florida are, when properly designed and installed simply amazing!

In central Florida we can increase the usable (80degrees temperature) months in your pool from a mere 3 to anywhere from 8 to 10 months. Imagine getting 3 times the use in from your pool. Heating your pool to a toasty 80 degrees in the winter, and even having the system to cool your pool in the summer when it becomes to warm for your comfort!

Pool heating is also very basic and has evolved over many years to a very cost efficient energy saving system. Utilizing a sophicated control system that incorporates automatic valves and controllers, you simply set the desired pool condition temperature and the system will take over from there.

Your pool circulation pump is the source of energy to drive the system. Your pump will circulate 8 to 10 hours a day, during this time of motor operation, the controller will activate the automatic valves and direct the water to the roof collectors as need to maintain your temperature.

Let’s don’t forget the Hot Tub. Yes we heat your outdoor spa saving thousand in electrical and or gas costs, harnessing the power of the sun!                      


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