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  • Since the early 1980’s, Orlando Florida based, Building Energy Consultants, has been under the daily direction of owner, Mr. Jack Gusler. A pioneer in research, design and commissioning the highest performing and leading edge mechanical systems for residential and commercial buildings, Jack has researched and solved energy problems homes or office buildings of every size. From leading the field in the use of closed cell foam for building insulation to transforming  solar energy into heating and electrical sources for the home, Building Energy Services applies qualified and creative energy expertise to your project.

    This fact has been and still is documented in buildings throughout Florida. Enter any of our buildings and you’ll notice something most never experience, total human comfort by the book. Examine our work anywhere, any season and you will experience the fact that a perfectly engineered systems approach, not only submerges you in the precise temperature and humidity level of the cleanest, healthiest air, It cost HALF as much to own and operate! So break out your calculator and add 2, 3, 4, 5, hundred dollars a month in energy savings  times  ten years and that’s two or three times the first cost increase to your construction project.

    How can we make these claims? It’s simple, we have installed a separate electrical meter to the air conditioning and heating system on many residential and commercial building projects, throughout Orlando and all of Florida. Our clients in the early years assisted us by reading their own air conditioning system  meter and mailing in the card. With this data we followed what we assumed in the early engineering stages and confirm the different processes with the operational cost feedback.

    Please explore our site and come in and see how we have done it

     Thank You,

     Jack Gusler


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